Academic Research with The Academy

Many of us at the NYLT Leadership Academy have a passion for leadership development and team dynamics. We volunteer our summers to spend time with some amazing individuals – staff and participating staff alike – to further every ones knowledge on what it means to be the leader of a team. Personally, I am so passionate about this field that I have decided to pursue its studies while at college. Recently, the opportunity arose for me to conduct independent research and I immediately knew what field I wanted to look into. My current plan is to conduct formal, academic research this summer at the NYLT Leadership Academy in both Washington DC, and St Louis. The world of leadership and communication studies is very academic – did you know that everything we teach at The Academy is grounded in science? The Staph at The Academy is constantly looking to further their knowledge – so why not further it with our own endeavors?

Keep your eyes on your inboxes for further information as it becomes available as to how you can become a part of this incredible opportunity to make NYLT history, and contribute to human academic intelligence.