Year: 2015

Balancing Life & Scouting

Maya Angelou once said that “All great achievements require time.” This quote could be used for any life lesson, but could not be more perfect for Scouting, as it takes time to nurture our leadership skills. National Youth Leadership Training

Give your audience what they need

The University of Vermonts Outing Club hold their club council elections once a semester– our normal meeting format had been changed so that everyone had a chance to give their speech to the entire club. One after another, candidates walked

Effective Staff Developments

Staff development and shakedown weekends may be helpful for planning and preparing for your course, but remember that some staffers have been through it all before while others are new to the whole staff thing. As experienced staff attend training

Roles and Responsibilities of Returning Staff

After someone staffs their first NYLT course, as either a Troop/Team Guide or as an Instructor, they have one very important task as staff development and preparation for the next course begin. That responsibly, that should be valued above all

Academic Research with The Academy

Many of us at the NYLT Leadership Academy have a passion for leadership development and team dynamics. We volunteer our summers to spend time with some amazing individuals – staff and participating staff alike – to further every ones knowledge

Implementing Technology Into Your Course

Technology is a powerful tool that can be used by NYLT courses. It can not only contribute to the effectiveness of your training, but can also serve as a distraction from your program. The goal is to encourage responsible use

Youth Leadership: Our Year in Review

It has been a great year for the Boy Scouts of America in the training of youth leaders around the country. Leadership courses are growing and expanding to new locations within the blink of an eye. With the growth and

Forming a New NYLT Staff

A new year brings a new set of NYLT courses and in most cases, new staff members or entirely new staffs. This new team needs to develop in order to be in the norming or performing stage by the time

Building Teams outside of NYLT

Anyone who works in an NYLT setting is automatically hooked – they love the people, they love the atmosphere, they love the productivity. Have you ever thought of why? It’s because we GET IT! Staffers know how teams are supposed

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