Participant Qualifications

This course is for Scouts BSA, Sea Scouts and Venturers who meet the following qualifications:

  • Have completed your council’s National Youth Leader Training (NYLT). If your council does not have a youth leader training program, you may still qualify by working with a council representative to become familiar with the NYLT Staff Guide and Syllabus.
  • Have served, or have been selected to serve, on the youth staff of your local council’s NYLT.
  • First Class rank or above; or a Venturer.
  • All participants must be 13 years old and have completed 8th grade by the opening day of course, but not yet 18; or if a Venturer not yet 21.
  • Willingness to take back to your council’s NYLT the knowledge and skills acquired at the NYLT Leadership Academy.


The official Scouts BSA, Sea Scouts or Venturing summer uniform is required with the insignia that you normally wear. The activity uniform, worn during the afternoon on most days, consists of a Leadership Academy cap and two Leadership Academy T-shirts (cap and 2 t-shirts furnished by the course), Scout shorts, Scout socks, and Scout belt. You will not wear street clothes during the course, and you should report to the course in a complete field uniform.

Physical Conditioning

You will be engaged in strenuous physical activities and you should be in top physical condition to get the most from this program.  You will need a complete physical that has been performed within a year of the last day of the course.  Download the medical form from the registration page and bring the completed signed form in person to camp. You cannot participate without a physician-signed Medical Form.  Do NOT mail completed medical forms to the national office or leave at your local council office.  They are to be brought to the course by the participant and turned in upon arrival.

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