Information for Course Directors

As an adult volunteer or professional delivering a council-wide leadership training course to youth, you have been given and accepted a special opportunity, as well as a great responsibility to deliver a successful program. You have the unique ability to inspire, teach and enhance the lives of the future leaders of our country with the National Youth Leadership Training course.

“The transformation of a youth who has attended Leadership Academy is like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly. When a youth returns from Leadership Academy, they are ready to embrace a leadership role. You can always tell the scouts that have been to Leadership Academy because they are more confident, and their presentations are of the highest quality. They come back to us better prepared and with the highest level of enthusiasm. It is truly awe-inspiring and I wish every youth had a chance to be part of such an amazing experience.”
– Brian Stillman, Chester County Council

Our Youth Program:

The NYLT Leadership Academy is a course designed to develop your NYLT youth staff. It teaches your youth staff how to be outstanding presenters, evaluators, and model leaders. It also focuses on creating a more in-depth understanding of the key NYLT leadership models in each NYLT youth staff member who attends.

NYLT youth staff usually attend The Academy very early in their NYLT staffing tenure. Some councils send youth before they serve as staff, while other councils send youth after they have successfully staffed NYLT. Many councils require youth to successfully attend NYLT Leadership Academy to be considered for top youth staff positions.

Your Youth will become:
  • World-class Presenters
  • Excellent Evaluators
  • Outstanding Youth Leaders

These skills will help accelerate your council NYLT program by providing you and your youth with the resources they need to run a highly successful program.

Your Youth will be engaged with:
  • Understanding, using, and evaluating their use of the NYLT Leadership Tools
  • Learning techniques used to prepare for and evaluate presentations while making and delivering five (informative and entertaining) presentations on various leadership concepts
  • Living and learning about the concepts of Leading Yourself and Servant Leadership
  • Listening to remarkable evening Guest Speakers sharing their life leadership lessons
  • Participating in effective model NYLT activities, such as: realistic first aid, geocaching, instructional campfires, and instructional inter-faith worship services.

Every council is eligible to receive one scholarship, just send enough youth and you qualify. For more information on our scholarship program, click here.

A Special Opportunity for You:

The NYLT Leadership Academy program for adults is designed for NYLT adult volunteers to visit while youth staff members from their respective council are attending the Leadership Academy. The week your youth are attending, you are invited to arrive Thursday for dinner and stay through the closing ceremony on Saturday morning. You will observe the development of your youth, our process, and participate in some activities. The NYLT Leadership Academy adult staff will facilitate a team meeting with the youth and adults from your council.  If you are interested in attending our course during the week, please contact us.

This program is not for parents, only uniformed NYLT adult staff who want to improve their council leadership training to the highest levels are invited.