Month: October 2014

Service with a Smile: Why you should be a Servant Leader

There are two main types of leadership, autocratic leadership, and servant leadership. Autocratic leadership is best stated as leader first leadership. The leader will put themselves and their views above the views and opinion of the team. Autocratic leadership can

The Big Names of Servant Leadership

What is the secret to fame? Oftentimes, it is to be outstandingly different. Sometimes, it even takes doing some crazy stunt no one has ever done before. Leaders gain their fame in a very different way, though. Of course, many

Teaching transformation: What makes NYLT Leadership Academy Tick

Call it a leadership development course. Call it a train-the-trainer course. Call it a meeting of the minds. Yes, these are things that describe the NYLT Leadership Academy. But these labels come nowhere near the essence of the Academy. It’s

Team and Toddlers: Why Forming a Team is like Playing with Play-Doh

As a kid, my favorite pastime was to play with Play-Doh. It is the best children’s toy, and if anyone disagrees with me I will fight them on it until they either walk away or agree with me. Here is

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