The NYLT Experience

The National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is one of the best developmental programs the Boy Scouts of America offers. This unique program gives the opportunity for youth to better their own leadership skills while learning new ones. Based on a quick inquiry done by some of the NYLT Leadership Academy team, we found that there is no other leadership course in the “professional” world that comes close to the low price of learning of the NYLT. The NYLT program has been proven to be an enjoyable experience for youth to learn from. Everyone has a slightly different experience in which makes it stand out to them as one of the greatest things they’ve done in scouting. Here are some Scouts’ explanations of their experience:

Ruth C., Longhouse Council | During day one of NYLT I had no clue about what I was getting myself into. However, taking NYLT shaped me in ways I never thought were possible. The best thing about taking NYLT for me was that after the course was over, I was able to bring back what I had learned and actually apply it to my life. What is even better is that it applies to the world outside Scouting. NYLT gave me the confidence to step into leadership roles which I would have otherwise stayed away from. This confidence came from learning about communicating and simply how to value others. NYLT has permanently changed my thought process about what it means to be a leader and that’s what makes it such a great course

From New York to Seattle, our alumni have varying perspectives.

Nathan L., Chief Seattle Council | NYLT has changed my life so much since I went through when I was 13. It taught me the skills I needed to know how to be a leader that can make positive changes. Staffing [the NYLT course] let me put those skills into use, and actually know how to use them in everyday life. These skills have given me the chance to benefit not only myself but my family and whole community. NYLT has taught me to be confident and sure in my ability to take part in changing things for the better, which is a lesson that only a program like NYLT can do.