The Big Names of Servant Leadership

What is the secret to fame? Oftentimes, it is to be outstandingly different. Sometimes, it even takes doing some crazy stunt no one has ever done before.

Leaders gain their fame in a very different way, though. Of course, many decide to do different, crazy things, but they do not lead for fame; fame comes to them.

Many leaders become famous through doing amazing things for society. Leaders promote passion, selflessness and ultimately, inspiration. One of the most powerful abilities of a leader is to help others by accomplishing one or more great visions

When looking at examples of famous leaders in our society, many have fallen into the public eye. While, some fame does not move millions and creates a positive change, a few celebrities have been able to use their fame for good.

We could take Bono, for example. The Irish front man for the band U2 had become increasingly popular through the band’s success, and still maintains a solid musical career. In 1979, he became inspired in charity work and its effects after seeing the Secret Policeman’s Ball, a series of shows meant to raise money for the Amnesty International. During the mid-1980’s, Bono united fellow artists Sting, Bob Geldof, and Peter Gabriel to create the Band Aid Trust, Live Aid Foundation, the Witness human rights group, etc., all focused on solving human rights issues.

This was only the beginning for Bono’s roll as a human rights activist. Through his inspiration, charisma, and passion to help society, he has created other foundations based on social justice, many of which involve ending world hunger and ending racism.

Bono would serve as an example of someone who could have just stopped at money and fame. Instead, he uses his band’s success to help those who are not able to help themselves and to unite those who want to help. Many stars have followed in his footsteps, including Beyoncé and Angelina Jolie.

Another star to have manifested servant leadership was Princess Diana, the “people’s princess.” Her legacy is best manifested in her campaigns against the use of land mines and helping those suffering from AIDS. Risking her life to help those in need, she set the example of what selflessness truly is.

During the 1980’s, it was believed AIDS was a disease transmitted through casual contact. Thanks to Princess Diana, the common belief was soon cleared as a video of her holding the hand of an AIDS victim was broadcasted. More so, during her campaign against land mine use, another video of her walking through a field where land mines could have been placed was exposed.

Even as these videos set uproars throughout the public, she inspired many to give more of themselves for the sake of others, no matter the cost. Her sons, Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, and Prince Harry constantly take part in large charity events, presenting their mother’s legacy.

Through these stars, we see there is no boundary for service.