Staff Development

As we enter this new year, we have the opportunity to look back at a great year for leadership training. This year’s Alpine Conference was a major success and we provided one of the best Youth Staff Development Courses (YSDC) I have ever staffed. As with all NYLT courses, this year’s YSDC staff dynamic is truly unique. I would like to review some of the things the YSDC staff does in an effort to give NYLT staff some new ideas for your NYLT staff developments.

The YSDC staff only meets a few days before the course in July. Thus communication outside of meeting in person is key. I am looking forward to this year’s staff development. As our course draws closer, we will be preparing ourselves to work as a single cohesive staff unit.

We start by reviewing last year’s vision and begin thinking about how we see this year’s YSDC unfolding. We reread the syllabus, and come up with aspects of the course we would like to see improved or continued. We ask ourselves: “What do we want to see improved from last year?” As SPL, I encourage every YSDC staff member to ask themselves this question and bring their ideas to Staff Development.

It is most important, to get the staff pumped for the next event, be it a staff development meeting or the NYLT course itself. The YSDC staff is known for our unrelenting spirit and this year is no different. I am eager to see everyone gather once again at Yards Creek, and I hope everyone is as thrilled as I am for their own staff endeavors. My message to all leadership training staff: is to focus on having fun, prepare yourself for a thrilling course, and work hard to make your staff the best staff possible!

I hope everyone has great start to the New Year, and take time, whenever you can, to focus on staff development.

*This article was written in January 2010 and was written before YSDC became the NYLT Leadership Academy*