Program for Youth

Program for Youth:

The  focus  of  this  program  is  on  inspiring  and  enabling participants  to  deliver  effective,  world  class National Youth Leadership Training courses in their local councils with special emphasis on improving presentation skills, evaluation skills, and on learning in more depth the NYLT leadership skills.

While attending the NYLT Leadership Academy, you will be engaged in a full program with a wide variety of activities including:

  • Understanding, using, and evaluating your use of the NYLT Leadership Tools
  • Making presentations on Leadership topics (you will make 5 presentations)
  • Living and learning about the concepts of Leading Yourself, and Servant Leadership
  • Learning how to prepare for and effectively evaluate a presentation
  • Remarkable evening Guest Speakers sharing their life leadership lessons
  • Quest for the meaning of Teaching Leadership
  • Participating in effective model NYLT activities such as realistic first aid, geocaching, instructional campfires, instructional inter-faith worship services.
  • Exceptional Los Angeles, CA, St. Louis, MO and Washington DC experience

The NYLT Leadership Academy is truly a special place. From my first moments in camp, I was immediately welcomed with open arms from everyone. The environment there is perfect for learning and growing YOUR presentation and leadership skills. I would absolutely do it all over again.
– Eric B. (Cradle of Liberty Council – Week 2, 2014)

The NYLT Leadership Academy, was, above all, a place engineered for personal improvement. When you combine incredible instruction with an open environment for growth, you see remarkable results, and that is what the Leadership Academy does. It goes down in my books as one of the most rewarding and fun experiences of my scouting career.
– Jack H. (South Texas Council – Week 1, 2014)