Year: 2014

Service with a Smile: Why you should be a Servant Leader

There are two main types of leadership, autocratic leadership, and servant leadership. Autocratic leadership is best stated as leader first leadership. The leader will put themselves and their views above the views and opinion of the team. Autocratic leadership can

The Big Names of Servant Leadership

What is the secret to fame? Oftentimes, it is to be outstandingly different. Sometimes, it even takes doing some crazy stunt no one has ever done before. Leaders gain their fame in a very different way, though. Of course, many

Teaching transformation: What makes NYLT Leadership Academy Tick

Call it a leadership development course. Call it a train-the-trainer course. Call it a meeting of the minds. Yes, these are things that describe the NYLT Leadership Academy. But these labels come nowhere near the essence of the Academy. It’s

Team and Toddlers: Why Forming a Team is like Playing with Play-Doh

As a kid, my favorite pastime was to play with Play-Doh. It is the best children’s toy, and if anyone disagrees with me I will fight them on it until they either walk away or agree with me. Here is

STORMING: A Delicious Stage of Team Development

In discussions concerning the Stages of Team Development, Storming is often described as a dreary stage where skills and enthusiasm are low, and the team is in severe conflict. However, is the Storming stage always negative? Here at The Quest,

The NYLT Experience

The National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) is one of the best developmental programs the Boy Scouts of America offers. This unique program gives the opportunity for youth to better their own leadership skills while learning new ones. Based on a

Connecting Councils From Across the Nation

Throughout the ten years the NYLT Leadership Academy has been up and running, we have had the opportunity to meet people from councils located all over the United States. This year, we were able to host the Leadership Academy Course

Summit or Bust

BECKLEY, WV – Following the conclusion of the 2014 Leadership Academy courses, Leadership Academy staph members, Jim Anthony (Pennsylvania Dutch Council), Tim Cece (Northern New Jersey Council), Andrew King (Nashua Valley Council), Catie McEntee (Chester County Council) and Dante Rodondi

Soups and Salads: Two Troops, One Amazing Week

HAYMARKET, VA – This year, the NYLT Leadership Academy welcomed two troops during the first week of course. The Salad Troop, led by Catie McEntee, and the Soup Troop, led by Andrew King. McEntee and King worked as the Leadership

Philmont or Bust

CIMARRON, NM – As week two of Leadership Academy was wrapping up, Logan Echard (Pennsylvania Dutch Council), Brenna Leary (Baltimore Area Council), Keenan Shields (Seneca Waterways Council), and Mr. Doug Cunningham (Seneca Waterways Council) had to say their goodbyes and

IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to COVID-19 pandemic, all 2020 courses are postponed to summer 2021. Read more >